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{app}tatious offers offer a wide range of digital and consulting services utilizing our wealth of design knowledge and experience.

Digital Transformation

We drive digital innovation via rapid prototyping, iterative development, design thinking and agile devops. Our approach centers on creating business impact via a proven approach to identifying and delivering on digital opportunities.

Technology Roadmapping

Plan out strategic technology initiatives that align with your company’s goals. Provide transparency across the rest of your organization

Strategic Consulting

We are laser-focused on delivering sustainable results. We begin with the end in mind, then determine the strategies, processes, and actions required to meet your goals.

Cloud Design & Architecture

We help simplify the experience so users they can get the benefit of compute resources on demand.


Whether you are just starting your digital journey or are well down the path, we can partner with you to improve and accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.

About Us

A little comprehension can fuel significant change

At {app}tatious, we are complex problem solvers. For our clients looking to make the shift from an internal focus on process and outcome to an external focus on creating quality experiences for customers and employees, we are consultants and partners in formulating and executing successful solutions.  We engage clients in:     

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Design and Architecture
  • Strategic Consulting

We understand the nature of the problems faced by organizations exploring innovation and differentiation based around delivering exceptional customer experience, and we are uniquely equipped to provide the necessary education, insight, and guidance to help you make that shift and achieve success.

As technology innovators, we have the knowledge to translate ideas into functioning digital solutions.

What We Do

Good ideas come from asking, "Why?"

Great ideas come from also asking, "What if?"

We understand the nature of the problems faced by organizations exploring innovation and differentiation based around delivering exceptional customer experience, and we are uniquely equipped to provide the necessary education, insight, and guidance to help you make that shift and achieve success. Holistic thinking and an ability to embrace the concerns of both business and customers are at the heart of {app}tatious' approach for creating customer-driven digital solutions that achieve our clients' business goals.

Through customer insight, we uncover what is meaningful to your customers and users. This knowledge then guides the design and development of customer solutions, improved digital interactions, and scalable architectures. We help you reframe your challenges as examinations of experiences and people rather than decisions among predefined options or limits imposed by vendor solutions. We also have the knowledge and skills to execute our proposed solutions in ways people find useful, usable, and desirable.

How We Do It

When divergent minds focus on a common goal, ideas grow exponentially.

At {app}tatious, we know most companies' problems are too complex to be solved by one person or one set process. In response, we created an interdisciplinary approach where customer insight, technology and visual design teams collaborate to synchronize what people want with an organization's goals.

This cross-pollination of insight and knowledge allows us to develop more targeted solutions that build stronger connections between our clients and their customers.

Throughout the process, we constantly measure the viability of our ideas against customer insight and the outlined goals, building prototypes and having users test them. Employing a series of smaller cycles keeps our solutions goal-focused, allows us to preserve the users' voice, enables more responsive, targeted adjustments during design and execution; and maximizes the effectiveness of our time and effort. By using this dynamic approach, we generate an experience that your customers willingly embrace, adopt and share with others.

Our technology and architecture expertise manifests itself:

  • As an expert voice and point of view when evaluating your processes, experiences and designs
  • As collaborative educators when you need to understand different technologies and its basis for design thinking
  • As guides on making a directional change
  • As your implementation team when you need to turn ideas into action quickly
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Why We Do It

Give the people what they want, and the world will beat a path to your door.

It began with a driving desire to create a better user experience and it's evolved into improving the way businesses interact with their customers.

{app}tatious came to exist because we saw too many digital solutions built only around the needs of the business or a vendor's interpretation of what a business should be, and it had a negative effect on people's willingness to embrace them. That got us thinking, and because it's in our nature to solve problems, we found a way to help businesses refocus their problem solving around people, strategy, and experience.

It's already gone further than we originally imagined, from simply building better Web and Mobile Architecture to helping organizations everywhere realize the importance of creating solutions with thier customers in mind. Now we're getting the chance to partner with companies to create experiences that have the potential to transform the lives of those who use them.

Why It Benefits Clients


The initial objective of creating a compelling user experience is to improve the way people interact with your offerings. Sometimes this means building intuitive, user-friendly portals. Sometimes it's streamlining workflows and architectures so customers can get things done in fewer clicks or providing simplified navigation and quick access to critical information. It even manifests itself in terms of personalized functionality for individual users. However we achieve it, we always deliver a positive experience, which drives repeat visits and creates satisfied users.


Getting people in your door that first time, whether physically or digitally, is just the beginning. We also want them to feel comfortable returning, so they adopt the solutions you offer into their lives. At {app}tatious, our clients' business goals combined with user goals driver our approach. For a retail client we may focus on delivering a rich shopping experience or quick, efficient processing of orders. For a national client we may look to unify experiences across multiple touch-points. For a technology client we may end up balancing technical and aesthetic sophistication with connectivity speed. Regardless of your business, our goal is to turn that first visit into a second, third, or fourth and turn that interested user into a regular and satisfied customer.


Regular customers are good for business, but loyal users drive growth. This is why we look to create experiences, and architectures users will adopt as their own. Every situation is different, but our ultimate goal, when it comes to building a solid solution, is to deliver an architecture or experience that transforms customers into evangelists for your company and your brand.

operational efficiency

At {app}tatious, we also understand the relationship between improved back-end functionality and a healthier bottom line. Better self-service tools for users reduce the need for live support. Enhanced functionality makes for easier management by your employees. A scalable systems approach will grow with your company and your users. We may even include solution training to ensure a seamless hand-off of assets so ongoing maintenance can be handled by your internal staff. After all, more users are only meaningful if your solution fits into your company's operational goals.


The possiblities are endless for generating revenue in a digital world. Simplified quote generation tools, intuitive portal design, real-time order tracking, and big data analytics are just a few options. We help you identify those that will give you the highest return.

market share

While our core efficiencies are focused around creating better customer experiences that align with your business goals, we also think big picture for our clients. In addition to helping our clients attract and retain users, we also analyze the competitive landscape and look for ways to help them excel and lead the marketplace with smart, targeted, technologically superior, and agile solutions.

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