Our Process


We begin by asking, "What problem are you trying to solve?" Through meetings and workshops with key stakeholders, we develop a deep understanding of your challenges and goals. To add your cusomers' side of the story, we turn to users and get more complete understanding. We meet with your customers for details about the interaction they have with your company, why it was initiated, how it was executed , what the result was and the experience they had.


This is where all the insight is distilled into a strategic game plan. The goal is to bring clarity to challenges and identify where we want to concentrate our efforts. Sometimes we find the original focus is on track, sometimes we uncover additional problems to solve and sometimes we find there's a completely different issue that when addressed will achieve the desired results.


Often moving forward with a project requires you to communicate its vision and value to a wider stakeholder audience within your company. We can provide metrics, vision demos, journey maps, prototypes, design comps or any other documentation necessary to build a strong business case.


This phase brings structure to possible solutions by exploring frameworks including flow and user interactions. The result is an approach that delivers a meaningful engagement between you and your customers. Along the way we test our assumptions by putting working models or mockups in front of actual users.


Once a solid direction is determined, we can help guide the process with our development experise to help create the solution.


Even upon completion of your project, our efforts continue. We apply what we've learned to the next phase or project. We also lead any necessary sessions necessary to aid transition